Directed By:
Hasraf Dulull
Deanna Russo, Neil Hopkins
Horror, Sci-Fi


In partnership with Screen Media  

From the filmmakers behind The Blair Witch Project, V/H/S Franchise, and Skyline

After a series of worldwide blackouts, millions of mysterious door-like cosmic anomalies – the Portals – appear on Earth. Three individuals across the world, immune to the Portals’ demonic hypnosis, must find a way to rescue their loved ones before the entire population succumbs to its supernatural force. 

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... abundance of talented genre filmmakers involved... undeniably spooky moments... committed performances by the all-in cast. - Hollywood Reporter

... commendable briskness...the tales are imaginative and/or grotesque enough to maintain genuine interest. - RogerEbert.com

Portals is a bit of Christmas come early. It belongs firmly in the upper pantheon of the new wave of horror that utilizes the potential of horror, sci-fi, and grounded reality to shocking effectiveness. - HorrorDNA