11/11/16 AFM Distribution Conference Quotes: ‘Working with Sales Agents’

“The emotional connection and enthusiasm that you have for a property has to outweigh any sales agent - or anyone else - who will tell you that you can’t make it.”

“If you study each sales agent, you can arrive at a decision about who would be on your top list that you might chose for a particular project – sales agents have a certain brand to their work that would make them more susceptible to your project. Each one of them will then give you what they can perceive to be the value equation that you need to pursue and how you might want to put that together.”

“A lot of it is finding the material, and making sure you spend at least as much time looking for directors. The buyers are so much more sophisticated now than they used to be. They really do depend on the vision of what you’re going to do with the script. Having the right director that can sell the vision of the movie is critical not only for your sales agent but for your casting process.”


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