11/22/22 'The Devil Conspiracy' Trailer Shows a Wicked Plot to Bring Back Lucifer [Exclusive]

A horrifically absurd plot is afoot in Nathan Frankowski and Ed Alan's new film The Devil Conspiracy. Samuel Goldwyn Films acquired the rights to the sci-fi horror flick which sees a biotech company develop the technology to clone the greatest minds and figures from throughout history with just the slightest bit of DNA. Behind the company, however, is a cabal of Satanists who wish to use their technology for wicked means. Collider has the exclusive trailer for the film showing the Archangel Michael coming to Earth to put a stop to their plot to resurrect Lucifer as the god of our world.

The trailer starts off by setting some background. Far in the past, a battle between Lucifer and Michael ended with the latter sealing the devil in Hell for all eternity. Their war is depicted in the statues which Father Marconi (Joe Doyle) walks his art historian colleague Laura (Alice Orr-Ewing) though while telling her of the Shroud of Turin in their possession. It's a most-holy item, believed to have been worn by Jesus when he was buried and, as such, is kept under intense security. The biotech company, however, sees it as the key to bringing back Lucifer and, at the dead of night, steals the shroud, murders Marconi, and kidnaps Laura. Before he can die, however, Marconi calls upon Michael (Peter Mensah) to inhabit his body and take up the fight once more.

In Marconi's body, Michael goes on the hunt for the company to return the shroud. Using it, the Satanists plan to clone Jesus as the perfect sacrifice to Lucifer, giving him power untold and allowing him to return to Earth. They plan to use Laura's body as the host for the clone which they describe as a "better Jesus." The remaining footage promises a tense race against time as the horrors of Hell start wreaking havoc on Earth and a final battle between Lucifer and Michael approaches.

More Background on The Devil Conspiracy

Alongside the trio of Orr-Ewing, Doyle, and Mensah, the cast is made up of Joe Anderson, James Faulkner, and Brian Caspe. Alan penned the film which Frankowski directed from, marking the writer's first feature film credit. Frankowski, meanwhile, has earned a few awards on the festival circuit and most recently helmed 2021's Montford: The Chickasaw Rancher. He's perhaps best known for directing 2012's To Write Love on Her Arms, a film about the real story of Renee Yohe's battle with drug addiction and depression starring Kat Dennings, Chad Michael Murray, and Rupert Friend.

Alan also produced the film while Kevan Van Thompson, Vaclav Mottl, Michael Emerson, and Mike Sears executive produced. Peter Goldwyn, who negotiated the distribution deal for Samuel Goldwyn Films, expressed in a statement that he has high hopes for The Devil Conspiracy. "We are excited to bring The Devil Conspiracy to filmgoers next year. We think audiences will love this thrilling and epic depiction of the battle between heaven and hell," he said.

"Ed Alan and I are excited to be partnering with iconic Samuel Goldwyn," Frankowski added in his own statement. "Our film is a thrill ride with epic ramifications which fits perfectly with Peter Goldwyn’s talent for finding audiences."

The Devil Conspiracy releases in theaters on January 13. Samuel Goldwyn Films will also distribute the film digitally later next year. 


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