02/19/18 Global Interest in Rock Docs – Berlin


Finally, Michael Jackson is back in Berlin, the scene of his infamous baby-dangling incident at the Hotel Adlon. This time, however, it’s Michael Jackson tribute acts, appearing in Mirroring Michael Jackson. The doc, which is being sold by DocMode at EFM, follows fans from all over the world who honor the King of Pop as well as an interview with Jackson’s former bass player Alex Al, who is composing and producing the doc’s score.

“Since Michael Jackson’s passing, his legion of fans has looked to the MJ tribute artists for comfort and solace as a way to cope with their immense loss. We believe that now, more than ever before, the story of these remarkable and talented Michael Jackson tribute artists needs to be told. The film itself is a tribute. It is in loving memory of Michael Jackson,” says producer Kira Madallo Sesay.


From Deadline Hollywood

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