05/15/19 Cannes 2019: Nico Raineau's directorial Bailey and Darla set for worldwide premiere

Film Mode Entertainment, who will handle its worldwide sales, has announced that the world premiere, and released first-look footage, for their upcoming romantic adventure film Bailey and Darla.

Based on the original screenplay by Reineau and Lauren Schacher, the film tells the story of sex columnist Darla, who’s tackling a sex addiction, and of her relationship with Bailey, who has just been dumped by his girlfriend. While he’s trying to move on from the past relationship, she’s looking for a new story. The film follows them on a spontaneous road-trip across the country, which outlines their companionship, their sexually charged adventures, and of finding something neither of them expected.

Darla is played by Brittany Snow who, along with Yale Productions’ Jordan Yale Levine and Jordan Beckerman, and Highland Myst’s Jon Keeyes, is also a producer of the film. The film’s co-producers are Highland Myst’s Matthew Tompkins and Yale Productions’ Russ Posternak.

Snow is a renowned actor, known for playing the lead role in the Sundance-acclaimed hit film Bushwick, and the role of Chloe in the Pitch Perfect franchise. Opposite Snow, playing the role of Bailey is Sam Richardson, known for his appearances in the critically acclaimed HBO comedy Veep, Comedy Central show Detroiters.

Key supporting roles in the film are played by Jordana Brewster, known for the role of Mia Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise; Vivica A Fox, recognised for her roles in Independence Day, Kill Bill and Batman & Robin; and Anna Akana, who played the lead in the series Youth & Consequences.

Bailey and Darla is director Nico Raineau’s feature debut. 

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