02/20/18 Film Mode Entertainment Presents a Coming of Age Ghost Story, ‘Broken Ghost’

Clay Epstein’s Film Mode Entertainment announces the acquisition of BROKEN GHOST, a new and captivating story of one girl’s struggle with bullies and her rise to confront her demons, starring SCOTTIE THOMPSON (DEAD ON ARRIVAL, SKYLINE, STAR TREK).

Directed by the prolific RICHARD GRAY (THE LOOKALIKE, SUGAR MOUNTAIN), BROKEN GHOST focuses on a family desperate to leave behind their past secrets for a fresh start in a small town.

The talented female-driven cast is further bolstered by NICK FARNELL (SUGAR MOUNTAIN, THE MULE), DEVON BAGBY (RAY DONOVAN) and introducing AUTRY HAYDON-WILSON.

“The entire Film Mode Entertainment team is thrilled to be working with Richie Gray again on another captivating film that raises the genre bar to the next level.” Said Epstein. “With his keen sense of taught storytelling and perfectly placed scares, we are looking forward to brining this spectacular commercially driven film to audiences around the world.”

Desperate for a new life, Imogen (HAYDON-WILSON) and her family move to Montana in an attempt to escape a secretive past from the big city. Eager to make a new life for herself, Imogen must overcome new tormentors, old secrets, and a strange presence in the attic. In one girl’s fight to rise up, this family eventually discovers that the ghosts of their pasts are not the only ones they have to deal with.

“It’s great to be working with Clay and the Film Mode Entertainment team once again,” said Gray. “I was so taken by the originality of the powerfully female-driven script and Imogen’s story of rising above harrowing bullying and depression. The entire story took hold of me and it became clear we had to be able to tell it on such a large canvas. We all fell in love with Montana, and we all love ghost stories, yet the combination of both the haunted and human elements of BROKEN GHOST are what dragged the filmmaking team in and continue to do so.”


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