11/04/18 First Look: Laura Vandervoort Undergoes Radical Surgery in 'Rabid' (Exclusive)

The Soska Sisters directed the reimagining of David Cronenberg's 1977 horror classic. Laura Vandervoort is sporting post-op chic in this first still from Rabid, the reimagining of David Cronenberg's 1977 cult horror classic by American Mary directors the Soska Sisters. Vandervoort stars as Rose, a young woman who, following a disfiguring accident, undergoes a radical, untested stem-cell treatment, with horrifying consequences. Film Mode Entertainment and 101 Films presented the first footage of the film to buyers at the AFM this week. The Jigsaw actress is reprising the Rabid role played by porn actress Marilyn Chambers in Cronenberg's original. Code Black actor Ben Hollingsworth and former WME Champion Phil Brooks, aka CM Punk, co-star. “I don’t think there are any bigger fans of David Cronenberg than the Soska Twins,” said Rabid producer Paul Lalonde. “They put their own stamp on the movie of course, but with nothing but the utmost respect to David, and that’s important when you’re remaking a classic horror film like Rabid.” Producer John Vidette added that the sibling directors — better known as the Twisted Twins —have included “surprise Easter eggs throughout the movie” paying tribute to several classic horror directors. Rabid has already been sold to 101 FILMS in the U.K., Eagle in the Middle East and A71 Entertainment in Canada; 101 Films International and Film Mode Entertainment are co-representing the rest of the world.


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